You would think...

You would think that after months of practicing social distancing and isolation, by now we’d have the ability to respect each other’s space and boundaries during certain situations.

But the truth is not everybody cared to follow covid 19 guidelines and regulations.

Though who were they to give a damn,

when our own president refused to wear a mask.

Social distancing could’ve been everything in this situation, except to many it meant nothing at all.

Such as those who went to the beach during “holidays”, a couple of others at the grocery stores, and those who made social gatherings... 

Which includes members of my own fucking family,

Walking around without any type of protection. However, much worse 

in my opinion, those who protested against the lockdown.

We’ve had so many deaths, lots that could’ve possibly  been avoided.

Whether it had been by the government deciding to announce and take immediate action upon the information they knew 

the supposed two weeks prior.

As they have the guts now to shoot and cause harm to people simply speaking up for justice, their rights and the fact that black lives matter. Or perhaps if people in the medical field had not been forced to do other tasks within their department that they did not have the knowledge much less the training to do.

Lastly but just as importantly if as humans there had been more selflessness and precautions, because for each person that displayed symptoms there could’ve been another that was pre symptomatic,

And even though they might have been in great health the chance of them transferring something to a person with a weaker or problematic immune system was inevitable.

This poem is about: 
My country


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