You Will Never Understand Me


The calming, warming arms of his everlasting embrace

A childish look on a masculine face

A dream snatched away and I am forced to cling to a memory

But it only remains as a vision that sweeps over me

They tell me to wait

But there are some things to which other simply cannot relate

They say one day it will simply be a forgotten fantasy

But it is nor for them to decide when I should come back to reality

They watch me like a hawk and they are still watching

I promised you nothing so why do you wait around for an offering?

They pry into my life, my mind, my trivialities

My battle is not with you

My heart has been shattered and what is left is the residue

Though I can see it is a battle your blood itches for

My pain is my own and desires nothing more

Your war is one of reconquering but my soul is property to no one

My eyes see through your profligacy and all it has undone

So please let me be with my misery

For I know you will never understand me


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