You Will Never Understand

Why I got bad grades in school

Why I don’t care about the news

Why I listen to inappropriate rap

Why I smoked cigarettes

Why I want to be skinnier

Why I dress differently

Why I like my curtains closed

Why I do drugs

Why I pull my hair

Why I hang with a strange gang

Why I cry randomly

Why I drive fast

Why I stay home at night

Why I hate everyone in my grade

Why I can’t stop cleaning

Why I overeat

Why I purge

Why I don’t pay attention to time

Why I get moody

Why I don’t eat

Why I lock myself in my room

Why I love so easily

Why I always get hurt

Why I like attention

Why I love someone no one else can

Why I make mistakes

Why I change my mind

Why I want to run away

Why I love art

Why I’m sensitive

Why I am the way I am

Because you haven’t walked in my shoes

Because you can’t see from a different angle

Because you’re only concerned with your own.

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