You Will ImmiGRANT Us Rights

I clutch the gun and remember my word is my weapon

I’m almost out of ammo

The ink is starting to run thin


I seal the envelope

And envelop in the pain

I’m forced to pick my poison, as I remember 

The rule of the Redemptioner’s will forever be engrained

In the forgotten history of the natives they have slain


Fast-forward a month

Waiting with anticipation

Prima Donald is crowned queen

The fresh smell of humanity’s degradation  


Run! He’s coming for you from the devil’s den

Deport them all, they are nothing but criminals

Report them all

Unless they have pale skin

Give, steal, don’t console, abide

By the law of the land and the invisible hand of all time


The Mexicans are bringing rapists and they’re stealing our jobs 

They’re violent killers organizing into mobs 

So hush little Suzie it will be all right

We’ll just deport them all, they’ve never had any rights


And Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight

Put up the wall and they won’t put up a fight

Stop their rallies and their protests too

ICE will raid them, divide their families we shall do 


No mija, todo está bien!

Vámonos mija, go cover your ears and hide in the den

Pray that you will see tu mamá again


With Obama not in office, Mr. Cheeto will have to do

Who ever knew that the White House would be run by such a fatty food

Keep out the frijoles negros but leave the tortilla chips

Hold on to the manual labor

As long as Mr. Cheeto doesn’t let the country slip


Slip, trip, crawl, fall

Is what he’ll make us do

If he doesn’t kill us all


But we are not in distress

Because the stress will fall on his shoulders

When he sees that we are going to fight like Hell

We are NOT pushovers


Like the Blacks, the Chinese, the Muslims, the Afghanis

We will prove that the rule of your tyranny will not live free

Freedom is a fight

And for freedom we shall

You do not want to reveal the monster hidden under our veil


Here is where your sadistic treatment towards us stops

We are sick of booking it, because our pocket books aren’t fit


We will soar like the murder of crows, before he murders us all

Because in the end he shall reap what he sows


A day without immigrants 

We will protest until we are no longer shunned

A day without Latinos

Gracias a Dios for the war to be won


So children grab your school books

Arm yourselves with knowledge

Adults put on your armor of diligence

To fight the electoral college!


As we go marching down the capitalistic, money paved path

A hymn bellows from our voices

You WILL supply our demands

You are our slaves, not the other way around

You need our labor, we can shut your factories down


All for one but no Trump for all

Jump the fence and climb the wall

Of barbed wire lining he shall see

Before he witnesses the death of me


We will build our own wall and stack it high

They may have ICE but we will pack on the heat

With are fists raised and our stomping feet


So, to all immigrants near and far, tall and wide

Come join your brothers and sisters

To kiss Trump and his wall goodbye.



This poem is about: 
My country


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