You Versus Me



Hurting more than it should

Why did I get so attached?

Please let me be

Don't make me see your face

Beautiful you

Versus ugly me

World shattering

Heart aching

Mind blank, not racing

Where do I go from here?

Unaffected you

Broken me

Try to avoid conflict

Head down

Mind off

You never leave my thoughts

Light touches in the hallway

I loved you

Now my heart is broken

Shattered into pieces

Fragile vase

Crystal on the floor

Blood spills

Heart or hand

The pain is all the same


Struggle to breathe

Lungs won't fill

Head swimming

Eyes flooding

Yet there you are


Smiling away

Here I am

Losing myself

Heart versus heart

World versus world

Title match

You versus Me

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Heart or hand

The pain is all the same¨

Kelsey Vandenberg

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