You Told Me to Write You a Poem

Fri, 05/02/2014 - 16:21 -- Maerad


"You Told Me to Write You a Poem"


It's nights like these

Where the starts themelves seem to mock me

Because I know we see the same sky

A thousand miles apart

And to simply hold your hand

I would need to cross a continent

So, although we see the same stars

Their beauty is dimmed without your light


It's mornings like these

When I miss you the most

The snow falls like it's rushing to cover a secret

My tea burns my hand

My blanket scratches at my legs

Yet these are small annoyances

Hot tea and a woolen nightmare are nothing

Compared to the feeling of rolling over at 3:00 am

Reaching for your hand

And gripping nothing but air


It's people like you

Who make me question myself

You began as a cinnamon fantasy

Warm and tempting

You developed into an altruistic promise 

That I found myself unable to keep

Now that you're gone

My mind turns you into gravity

The only thing that keeps me rooted to who I should be


Chief, you told me to write you a poem

But fast forward a month

And you're not even here to witness it

My cinnamon fantasy

My altruistic promise

My gravity

It's my turn to leave

Maybe this time you'll miss me, too

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