You Think I Am, But I Really…

You think you know me.

Well, for very few that may be true,

But for many of you out there that’s a lie.


You think I am loud,


A leader.


Ha, strike one.

I’m actually really secretive,

With thoughts zooming in my head

That no one would even think that I thought them.

My past and present is as mysterious as the shadows at night.


You think I am innocent,

A virgin of hurt,


And sorrow.


Strike two for you.

I really know what it’s like to be betrayed,

I know what grief is.

I know the icy cold feeling of being alone

In a time of need.

To call out to someone and only get a blank stare back.


Sometimes I know all I have is my pain,

My tears,

My losses,

The feeling that you are alone against this mighty earth.

The chill in your body that never seems to leave you alone

No matter how hard you try to escape it.


You think I am carefree,

Angelic like a child.

Someone that has no problems.


Just like you, I really do have problems.


I have lost my best friend

To a world I will never know.

And now another friend won’t even give me one look.

Sometimes, no matter how loud my music is,

The yelling of my parents arguing

Always finds a way to haunt my dreams.


A family member who I have loved forever

And who loved me back,

Doesn’t even smile at one accomplishment I make now.

All they do is find something wrong in my glory and taunt me with it.

I’m lucky now if they’ll even look at me.


That was strike three for you,

But before my moment is gone remember this.


Judge someone by what they wear,

Or by their looks,

Their friends,

Their smile,

 Maybe even their GPA.

You will go nowhere in life.


Take a look on the inside,

Take that extra dig into their soul

Because you never know if you’ll get

That second chance before they disappear

And become just that person you pass by everyday.



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