You Should Forgive Me For Me: Part 4

My phone rang at 7:52 this morning while I was heading to the debate tournament, and to my surprise guess who it was. Yep my ex-, I guess he had called to cheer me up. I had had a bad week and I could have cried becuase the last debate from yesterday didnt go so well. I needed him then, but doesnt matter since we left that "hell hole" and he had called. So it wasnt all that bad today. I was on the phone on the bus until we got to the school. Short white bus, seat to myself looking out the window paying no mind to the other stundents. Laughing, listning and conversing with this dark brown boy, whom I used to be in love with. Still is. All a while we were on the phone I could just wonder what he thinks when he hears my voice, and to have talked after several long weeks apart. I do know that every little thing some one says, or a simple commercial, and especially walking alone could set my mind off thinking about what used to be between us. But what is between us now? be continued



there's a couple of spelling issues I copy and pasted from another website I used to post on...obviously a while ago...don't mind them.

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