You Say You Love Me, I Know You Don't

You Say That You Love Me, I Know You Don’t



Cold chills run down my spine,

as I quiver and shake.

Tears leak from my eyes as petals fall from flowers.


Everything is at stake.

I should be used to it by now.

Fake friends, untimely ends.

But yet,

Day after day,

Nothing changes.

My worst enemy becomes my best friend,

Heartbreak, it’s nice to see you again.

Every morning when I wake,

My chest wells up, worried thoughts,

constrict my mind, close in on me like thorny personified vines.

I scrape together every ounce of willpower,

I get out of bed.

Though I don’t foresee a peaceful day.

Negative thoughts,

Of never being enough soar through my head.

Its hard to be optimistic when all you know is failure.

I would give almost everything to him, to be his everything,

But not too much,

I save some for my broken friend.

I try, and I try again.

To be enough,

To experience love,

But wretchedly I’m never enough.

When they’re done using me,

I’m replaced by someone better.

Nowadays, I think its best if I stay in bed.

I don’t want to fail myself again.


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