You or Me?


United States

Do you remember me?

I was the “you” that you discarded,

Oh you don’t remember, huh?

I’ll take ahold of your brain and jog it,

You locked me up and threw away the keys and the memory,

Clawing for freedom at the mercy of your misogyny,

But I finally picked the lock I don’t need a key,

See you messed up,

I could have been your friend now I’m the demon that haunts your dreams,

You wonder why you don’t sleep lately,

I’m you I know you’ve been fatigued,

Trust me it ‘ain’t the workouts,

That’s the mental tax from me.

They say people don’t change,

I guess you crossed the line huh,

Lying to yourself ‘till sun up,

Every day you wake until the night when the moon comes,

You try to keep me down but you can never do enough,

The nerdy little kid that you tried to forget about,

See he’s a grown man now,

And he’s coming for you.

You never thought he could get out,

That little kid is a lot stronger than you now.


You damn right I tried to keep you down,

I’m a whole different person I don’t need you now,

You scrawny little wimp you couldn’t handle me,

No one likes you that’s why you’re still locked away now.

You think I’m dumb enough to ever let you out of the cage?

It’s a small one too, I bet your going insane.

Every night scratching the walls,

You think it’s a game,

You think if I’m annoyed enough I’ll let you come out and play,

But I don’t get annoyed,

I get even and straight,

So while you keep talking, let me go and tighten your restraints,

You think you’re free,

But I can see your pain,

You’re tear drops fall every time we play this little……..



You got a lot of talk for someone so small,

This isn’t a game I’m telling you, I’ve evolved,

You can only keep me in here for so long,

Soon all your little friends will find out who you really are.

And I really can’t wait for then,

Seeing your world fall apart as mine begins,

When those blurred lines are pretty clear then you’ll be moving in,

To that very same cage you built for me back then.

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