You only write once scholarship slam


You Only Write Once Scholarship Slam
Greetings, felllow. My name is Alberto Romo. I am Hispanic/ Latino and originally from California. All my life i have been one of those family's that move from place to place. 40 days after being born in California my parents and I moved to Mexico. I lived there for a few years then i moved back to the U.S in Hawaii. In the island of Maui to be more specific. From that island i moved the another island called Oahu. In Oahu i live there most of my life so far because i lived there for 9 years. After living there for 9 years, my father told the entire family that we were going to move again. Although this time no one knew where we going to live, not even my father did. We first went on vacation for about 2 months to mexico. After those 2 moths it was time to start  looking for somewhere to go. What i find very astonishinig is that my father and mother had the courage to take the wild journey with the entire family and see if we could find a place to live. We ended up going to Oklahoma and now we live here. We have been here for about two and a half months and i am loving so far. That is one thing about me, I just exploring new things and trying out things tha will be a challenge in my life. 
I started school after about 3 weeks of getting here because we werent completely sure that we were going to live here. Luckily my father got a job in construction and the first thing i thought was when we were going to start school. My high school is called " U.S Grant High School" it is in the southern side of Oklahoma City. I really am loving the school and everything about it. I am trying very hard to do really well this year and my next year of high school which is my senior year. I am curently very interested in pursuing a career in psychiatry, which why I really want to college and pursue. I also believe that it will be a very hard path from here on. Though this wont be possible with out help and support from everybody around you, and the good thing is that i have much support i will ever need but the more the better. This is also not be able without not having goals.
Goals are very important, and everyone has them because that is just part of a humans life. Some of my future goals are to go to college and study psychiatry. It really fascinates me to know how the mind of of a person develops and why it does things. Another short term goal is to hopefully get an internship to get really good practice and the actual experience in the field of psychiatry. I also want to join club, groups of any sort to get observe people and how different people react. I also have long-term goals, which are really a big push forward in my life and will take many hours of dedications and hard work. One of my long-term goals will be to finish college with a masters degree. Also to work in a clinic with a international company. One of those companies may be Straub, Permanente clinics. Lastly i will work very hard and i have a set mind to later on in the future to own my own business in psychiatry. The reason i want to make my own business is to help people with mental disorders because this world is becoming crazier every year. Also, let's not forget that with your own business there is more income, which is why i really want to get this scholarship.This is not just about the money, its bigger than that, but you are giving me that opportunity of a lifetime to make different choices and encouraged me to do the right things. One way that this opportunity has influenced my goals was by making me realize that there is always a reward for hard work and i know that it will come in the future. I am also pushing myself to take bigger strides instead of steps towards my career. Lastly i want to say to whom is reading, that this is not just a dream, its a passion that i want to accomplish and if you give me " Alberto Romo" the chance to get this once in a lifetime chance. I will truly make it worth it. 
Community service/ volunteer work
I have always been told that i am a person who is very outgoing. Also that i am very talkative, social, athletic, and caring. When i started high School, i started to get involved in extracurricular activities. The first Club that i ever joined was the Leo Club in "Mililani high School". This club is all community service, cleaning schools, beaches, parks, feeding the homeless and picking up trash. In that club i started getting really involved and focused in it and became the spokes person who tells the other members of the club when we had meetings and field trips. At the end of my freshman year i had  25 hours of community service. That hard job paid off, and not because i got that 25 hours of community service, but because i really learned leadership skills, manage club work and school work, and also responsibility, which not many people are capable of having. 
Other than community service, i also love to play sports. In my sophomore high school year, i joined the high school football team. While  being in the team, I really learned responsibility, you start seeing the truth of consequences. Though, football was not the only sport i did. During the summer after my sophomore year, i also did "Track and Field" which was really great because exercise is really important to all humans. I believe that the hard work and dedication from sports, extracurricular activities bring you great experiences, not just mentally, but physically. The reason i say that is because it is good to do work, but i feel that a person will gain more from hands on activities, for example: When i went to clean parks and other schools, i learned the value of being clean and took in consideration the next time i added more to the trash piles. While doing that i also took on church activities such as cleaning benches, helping with fund raisers, helping serve food during special events, and even at parties related to church. Usually the church events were just on Sundays, but on Saturdays i worked with my father in side jobs for construction. I helped my father many weekends and after a while i learned that construction was not the jobs for me and i made up my mind that i did not want to to that for the rest of my life. I learned that it was not the job for me, but i still have to respect other peoples decisions. That was also when i started turning my life around decided that if i want to get a good career that i actually like and want, then i have to start working very hard, because from hard work comes great award and great sense of accomplishment which is always at the top of my head.
Overcoming an academic challenge
Ever since i was in elementary school i remember that i have always tried very hard to do the best and right things. I was born in this country but i lived in mexico until i was six. After turning six i moved to Hawaii and started a new life basically. The reason is because i did not know a single word of English. I also did not know how to write in any language other than Spanish. I remember that i struggled many nights to try and get that English in my head. After about two and a half years i could say that i knew a more basic English, I could speak, talk and even write English to the capability of a normal fourth grader. I was very surprised to see how much i had learned in just two years. I later found out from a psychiatrist teacher that the reason i learned so quickly was because of my hard work, but also because the mind of children is very enhanced and everyday, the mind is expanding and developing more to the most knowledge it can get. That is why when children learn something from childhood, it sticks to the for the rest of their life. Learning English was probably one of the two big challenges i have had. My other challenge that i consider is really challenge is school for me right now. All of this hard work started about 2 months ago when i just moved to Oklahoma from Hawaii. This is the first time that i live here in the mainland/states since i was very little. It not hard because i just moved here, it is really hard because i started school late. I do no recall how much time of school i missed in the beginning of the year. What i do know is that starting late on your Junior year of high school is not easy at all. There are extra worksheets everyday for about a month for most of my classes. There is also those days that i had to stay after school to do because i just felt like i needed that extra help from a teacher. After about a month and a half of very hard work,i finally managed to get caught up with all my grades and teachers requirements, and i also made some really great friends how helped me out through my hard time in school. What i am very proud to say is that i have managed to get a GPA of 3.0 and i am simply very happy to know what i have earned and as i always say, there is always a reward after all the hard work you put in and to keep and make sure i do well, i always remember in an instant. Its not a dream, its a passion and I will accomplish it.
Thank you for you time.


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