You Never Know The Whole Story

Everyone knows the story of The Little Mermaid, or so they think.


Our beloved Ariel thought that disobeying her father was the only thing she could do,


But there was more to the story like the loss of another child was too much for him to get through.


You see young King Triton Fell in love with the beautiful, melodic Athena.


Her voice was angelic,


Every melody authentic,


And to him every glance he stole was magic.


She stole his heart,


And they wed shortly after so they never had to part.


Until the winds rumbled, and the sky went dark,


Athena looked ahead and thought she saw a great white shark,


But a shark it was not.


And when she saw the ship she jumped back with fright


But sadly, it was too late.


When they told King Triton he was devastated,


Because he knew that not only one life was lost, but two.


So, he did the only thing he thought he could do:






And over protect.


So, even though Ariel didn't understand why her father was the way he was,


Everything he did was nevertheless out of love.





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