For you , For myself , and For one and all


It is hard to go each day when faith gives you more bad days then good.
 When everything in life couldn't be anymore stable then  what it is, 
then all of a sudden the unexpected  happens 
so we start to descend ,
our muscles start to ache  
from the stress we go through on a daily
from permanent damage that we and
even you are facing although the situations or the scenarios maybe different the pain is still the same.
 We live with that pain
and in turn it takes set on our minds
mentally and physically
we conditioned are ourselves to handle alot  but at the same time we are persistent 
and when we should stand down we don't.

We our blessed with good hearts although we are guarded for reasons that only we would know. 
We still crack a smile with all the scars
that we bared in life and still manage to have a good time
Even when faith throws you more damage then you can bear 
know this that in end you have alot friends to lean on and if you need to scream , to cry, to
anything to make the pain go away then do but keep yourself safe
we go through things because were are  human after all .
What we do when all the storms clear is up to us one and all-LC



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