You Make Me Shy

I was starting to forget what it means to feel nervous with a girl til I opened my mouth to talk to you, it’s like I cannot find words in my head worthy of your ears and about this there’s not one damn thing I can do.

I never thought words would be my big stump, for I had seemingly mastered the smooth-talking art, but here I am stuck in his momentary slump, and what I’m having a hard time with is deciding whether it’d be less complicated to find a way around it… or to try & root you out of my heart.

Struck out with you in my head before having even tried. And I’m left speechless, being able to do nothing but to look you in the eye. Dammit, it hurts my pride and puzzles my mind but I have to admit: girl you make me shy.

I’ve stood in front of thousands and let my way with words take flight, easily taking control of a crowd’s attention. But when you show up, so does this tension; and though my intention is to engage you in conversation, my mental dictionary appears to be nowhere within sight. Somehow I’ve found in you my first case of stage fright.

And after nothing’s said or done, I tumble back to square one, minus the one I cannot seem to stand with in the same square without tumbling inside.

With nothing to pull out of my dope as hell verbal stash, my confidence and flash takes backseat to insecurity leading to an embarrassing as hell verbal crash.

You make me shy, I don’t know why… And sadly, when it comes to you, that’s all I got.


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