You loved me first

Sat, 03/18/2017 - 16:53 -- lopezc1

When you look at me

You don’t see the reflection I see

These rugged hands no one holds

No one bold enough to make a move

To love like you do

These reflections are mere contemplations

Stirred up by lies of a sinful nation

Glass breaks, I break, you bless

But false accusations has led to great devastation

Carving scars on porcelain skin where they don’t belong

Trapped behind bars where I believe lies are true, and truths are lies

Blind to the freedom I was made for

Afraid of suffering I cower from the cross

Where my only hope hung by iron nails

That dug me out of insecurities

And with one last breath declared love

that sees beyond shattered glass and broken hearts

you pick up the parts and mend the wounds

 that have haunted my days

you dare hold the scabbed and abused hands

hold them tight

promise to never let go

to show me off to the world

for everyone to witness the beauty that you have made

When you look at me

I smile because you loved me first

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