To You, I Am Another Rainy Day

Wed, 07/09/2014 - 20:47 -- klegere

Don't wear me out with storms of false impression

The rain does not hit me and make me wet and cold

Your winds erode my delicate vista away 

Hold on to your hats, you cannot hold the ground


The sun does not peak when you are near

I wish only that you could see me in the light, love

I care for you all so dearly and nurture your roots

Tell me why is it you can see no shadow?


I am the sun and the earth and rain

To you, I have only brought blooming life

and in this dilemma, a fog stands in your sight

these still waters cannot tame themselves


My only desire is that you could bask in my light

That as I have driven away your darkness

Would you by some scheme expulse mine?

This windstream must change, but the elements will not



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