You Hurt Her


You said it was easy,
you wonder why we all failed,
you said you were disappointed,
as you ranted and flailed,

you said we were stupid,
you glare when you blurt,
not caring at all,
that some students you hurt,

some of us care,
what it is you think,
like the girl in black,
who's souls starts to shrink,

she actually tried,
not that you would care,
she studied and studied,
which was not rare,

she always tried,
so why are you yelling,
she always studied hard,
but now her heart started swelling,

she knew she didn't do well,
but she tried so hard,
but you stupid teacher,
make her need an arm guard,

yes stupid teacher,
you make this girl cut,
she covers her arms,
with sickness in her gut,

you are calling her stupid,
because of you she believes it,
so now she is hurting,
you little piece of shit,

why do you do this,
this girl is now stuck,
oh wait, i forgot,
you don't give a fuck,

you don't care about her,
you don't care about me,
you don't care about him or her,
or anyone you see,

you don't care that she struggles,
with what you've already mastered,
you only care about yourself,
you piece of shit bastard.


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