You Found Me

I’m lost.

In an undersea white abyss of forever.

It’s cold, because the thought of you swims away with the warm sensation of us.

I follow the hollow echo of your voice trying to reach me,

-          but I’m paralyzed.

You whisper faintly of the eternity we could achieve, but behind it shouts –

Forever of sorrow.

I’m blinded by whiteness and yet I continuously search,

Search for my humanity that was once you.

The screaming becomes louder, spelling out my death before my ears,

So I know I’m closer.

The softness touch embraces me,

Then everything goes black.

I can see now, while accepting my treacherous failures of never finding you,

That I never wanted to leave you; I wanted to find myself first.

I can see now, that what had blinded me – yet allowed me to feel and accept the thought of forever –

Was none other than me.

I can see now that God was always leading me to you,

I can see now that I was never truly lost at all; I merely needed to discover my soul,

And I did.

I found you.

I can see now,

I found myself.

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