You Don't Understand

She's blonde and happy and amazing all the time but her seeking comfort once turned into a crime. 

You see, when she walked into the school and couldn't hide her tears, she didn't do it for attention.

She got beat by her boyfriend of 3 years.

He said he loved her, told her she's grand, but her having guy friends, that he couldn't stand.

After a huge fight outside his front door.

He hit her, hard, and yelled "come back when you're not a whore. 


His head was always in a book but with a guy that's not fine. With drinking and partying he would always define 

So he was ridiculed and bullied because he could never be great. 

He wasn't happy enough,  good enough, and his heart was full of hate. 

He got held down every night by the back of his head. 

His step dad hovering, turning hell into every night in his bed. 


Yeah she failed that easy test in Geometry but she lost her motivation

It got crushed by that abomination.

Her father yelled, made her feel small, he hurt her bad and made her bawl. 

"He might as well have hit me" she told her best friend "because his words pierce my every breathe and pop my ear drums making me deaf."


That boy isn't weak, just because he doesn't speak just because you consider him a geek. 

He covers up the bruises by his alcoholic mother because he could not be as smart as his asshole brother.

Every night in bed, when he blocked out her screams, he think about his passion, his life, his dreams. 


That girl isn't stupid, with holes in her arm. 

You don't understand anything about self harm

She sats in her room with her needle to her vein,  

Wishing it would end and hating her pain.

There was a party one night at her best friends house and then she felt two hands 

One on her neck, one unbuttoning her blouse. 

She screaming and yelled till he bound her mouth. 

They tumbled and struggled till she went south. 

She turned her face, not meeting his eyes

She just wanted it to end she just wanted to die 

So she sticks and cuts to escape because that wasn't love it was rape. 

She didn't deserve it just because she was wearing a skirt with that logic any man could get hurt for wearing a stupid shirt. 


This boy had a secret that ruined his world. 

He could've hid it but the lies soon unfurled. 

He had a great boyfriend, friendly and bright but they met in secret, in woods or at night.

They had sleepovers where they'd hold each other dearly, where they confessed their love, sincerely.

But one day, the boyfriend, confessed, hey dad, I'm gay.

His father was livid, angry and crazed.

This was not the son that he raised.

So he went to the boy and forbid him from seeing his son.

Their relationship, was over and done. His heart was broken to never be healed.

The pastor just didn't know how kissing his son made him feel. 


So before you throw hateful words, keep in mind: we all have wounds we want to leave behind.

Don't ever judge before you know, how it feels to walk in someone else's toes.

So ditch the judgement and rise above.

Everyone needs some love. 


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