As You Do


Missus Teacher,

I understand you have tenure

You cannot get fired no matter what job you do

You can sit at your desk all day

As you do.

You can hand out worksheets

As you do.

You can leave students be

As you do.

You can leave this class

As you do.

And no one will complain

Because the substitute was better than you.

Look at your students

Look at their effort

(Or lack thereof).

And ask yourself

“I am a teacher, but why?”

Understand these students who want to learn

You are the key to a student’s future

Yes others may not care,

But there will be that one student

Who becomes intrigued by the lesson you taught

But how can one be intrigued,

When nothing is taught?

You are a guide,

An educator,

A teacher.

There are certain things you must do


As you do not do.


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