You Chose The Drugs

You promised 

To never leave me. 

But you did. 

And I will never be the same. 


You were there

For me

When times were 

The toughest 

But now they're 


And I don't know 

How to survive

Without you.


You chose the drugs

Over me.

I thought 

You loved me. 

I thought

You wanted to stay. 

But those drugs

Were your secret paths

Leading you to a place 

Where you could leave


But you also left



I remember

When you showed up

To my 8th birthday

In your red Mustang

With your

Contagious laugh

That I felt in my heart. 

It filled the room, 

Like rushing water

Drowns everything

Around you. 

You promised me

You would see me soon, 

But that was the last time

I saw your 

Smile and heard the words 

I love you 

Come from your mouth. 


You chose the drugs

Over me. 

They whispered

In your ear

Telling you

They would make things better

And you listened. 


You shot up

Like your life depended on it. 

Because you 

Depended on the drugs.


The drugs washed you


Like an ocean

Washes the sand

Off the shore, 

Until all of the sand

That you used to know, 

Is washed away. 

And you don't


What is there now. 


I didn't know who you were 


Come back!

Come back!

Come back!

But you listened to the


Instead of me. 


One day, 

You wouldn't stop

Taking the pills

And stabbing yourself

With needles, 

Containing the poison that

Would take your life. 

And it did.


The memories

Engraved in my mind

Of our journies

Along the neverending highways,

As we drove into the

Liquid gold sunsets

Sharing our endless love

Through our smiles and laughs, 

Are now clouded over

By the darkness of knowing

That you chose 

The drugs

Over me. 


I wish you could see

The pain that

Losing you

Has caused, 

But you will never


What it's like, 

Because the path you walked

Led you to a 

Peaceful paradise, 

But it led me

To a place darker

Than New York City

During a blackout. 





My heart, 


And you weren't there

To pick up the pieces


You chose the drugs

Over me. 

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My family
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