You can make a change

A town where everyone gets along

No fights, violence, or bickering

Everyone gets the warmest welcome

There are houses for the poor

You can make a change


Towns begin to get more clear

Pollution is beginning to decrease

Homeless people are being brought in

Povert begins to go away

You can make a change


Feuds are becoming demolished

The economy is begining to rise

There is a piece of hope for the community

Smiles begin to appear on faces

You can make a change


It's sad to see people die everyday

People with no homes

People with no families

They shouldn't need to live like this

You can make a change


We all deserve to have someone love us

No matter how you look

No matter how you live

We all are equal!

You can make a change


So please, help the non-fortunate

Give them a home

Give them comfort

Give them a shoulder to lean on!

You can make a change


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