You Can Have the Last Slice

"Mom, I want the last slice of cake!" 
"Of course, there's more to bake" 
"Mom, I want the last slice of pizza!"
"Of course, I'll just eat the bread from Lisa" 
"Mom, I want the last chocolate!" 
"Of course, I was getting a little fat, anyway"

The child always put herself first
Never considered her mother's thirst 
But thats what made her a child, right?
There was no one but her in her sight 

Until she longer saw herself first 
She so dearly longed for the last slice of bread
But she told her mom, "Im so full my stomach will burst!" 
She just wanted her mom to be fed 
Because she knew
Her mom was hungry too 

She finally felt  
The emotions her mother endured 
Swept away, right under her belt 
Always there, but they never lured

She realized what it was all for
"Maybe this is what it's like," 
"To not be a child anymore"



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