You Ask...

You ask what I would change myself
Well, my friend, you see
There's nothing I wish to change in myself
Be I'm perfectly flawed as me


To change myself is to change who I am
And that comes straight from the heart
So keep me as me and let me be free
To be who I was from the start


You ask what I would change in the world
I'd make people be more open minded
Have them know how to hold their tongue
And not be so one sided


They can keep their opinions and argue but still
Can't they at least hear you out?
Instead of slamming the door in your face
Show that compassion is really about


You ask what I would change in my community
Well now let's be frank
I live in a small town by the shore
A few miles from the bank


I'd have people be more wary of the land
Of the fish, the birds, and the trees
Clean up after themselves, leave only footprints behind
And set Mother Nature's mind at ease


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