You Are What You Eat


United States
30° 3' 12.6972" N, 81° 37' 31.5408" W

What does the Universe taste like?
To swallow stardust and chew on the rind of the moon,
To pluck a passing mediocre from the sky and place it on your tongue,
Bite once, twice, hard.
Feel it crack under your teeth, the sweetness spilling out.
To feel the ever expanding power of the world around you
Within your gut.

We are what we eat.
How lucky we are
To be made of the corpses of dead stars.
Our veins pulse with all of the vibrancy and power of a supernova,
Our minds glow with the eternal light of our ancestors.
And our ancestors are stars.

What an honor,
To be one who is privileged enough to observe the turning of the universe.
The universe tastes like humans,
Because humans taste like the Universe.


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