You Are The Storm


Are you frightened by the storm?

Come with me where you’ll be warm,

The moon tried to reach the earth,

Casting midnight’s afterbirth.

Lightning scars the blackened skies,

Come with me, we’ll run and hide,

To a cozy secure place,

And out of this darkened space.

The moon’s soaked in dark rain clouds,

Reaching its weakened hand out,

But it’s kidnapped by the arms

Of the clouds; stronger and torn.

You grasped my hand stronger before,

When the violence of the storm,

Was too much I could take,

Breaking my darkest fate.

The cloud’s grip starts to go,

How much longer? I don’t know.

The time’s going by,

As the storm beings to die.

Your grasp weakens like the storm,

You look restless and so worn,

And wanted to stay with me,

Like the storm; gentle and free.

Love, you say that you must go,

As clear skies start to show,

Now I realize you’re the storm:

Silent, suddenly, alarmed.


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