You are Hope

sometimes I fear

my world

is made of glass

all it takes

is a gust of wind

a stumbled step

to make it shatter.


I would spend

my whole life

locked away

inside a room

inside myself


afraid that even

my own voice

could be enough to

shatter my world.


if it were not for you.


people stare at you

because they know

you dance


of your world


when you laugh

the sound is magnified

carried by the air

in threads of golden melody

a mysterious magic

I watch unfold

from the safety

of my glass world


when you walk

you look ahead


that you


stumble and break


I imagine that you

climb mountains

swim in oceans

and perform in front strangers


sometimes I imagine

you so bright it's blinding

and for a second

I am afraid both that

light is enough to shatter my world

and that maybe I want it to



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