You Are An Enigma

You ultimately opt out of eliciting impressive forms of impending anger

Aggravating all those around you, including I, as an effect of your amiability

Empathetic yet intolerable, your amiability is an issue enraging everyone

Everyone engages you as you are an apologetic incident

Incomprehensible, you accurately are

All of us inquire of your overwhelming empathy

Imaginably, affinity in your instance, originates as an ill-fated yore

It is understandable as you aspire everyone obtain experiences unlike yours

You understand instead of enraging, as you’ve endured the anger of another against you, and it aggrieved you

Yet you refuse erecting yourself against unkindness casted out at you

As if unkindness is out of your influence

And expiry is existence’s endowment in exchange of your excellence

Yet you are always exultant, uncomplaining even after expiry

You are an enigma


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