You Are Better


They say to bully a bully makes you no better than they are.

Then why is it, that when you do, you feel a whole lot better than when you started.

When you were crying from the constant torment,

When you were taunted as you walked through the halls,

When you were physically harassed to the point where you wanted to switch schools.

WHY does it feel better than those times?

WHY does it make you feel empowered.

It’s because you are.

You have risen up against that which holds you down.

Those who shackled you’re wrists with words of hatred like chains.

You have become mightier than the rulers of the jungle known as Junior High.

YOU have done what they thought you couldn’t.

YOU spoke your mind,

You let words fly at them, impaling their egos like flaming arrows through the heart.

And as they fall to the ground you help with a push because this,

This is what was coming.

You’ve had enough of the anguish and pain felt daily by your so called peers.

And when those who should be helping,

Those teachers you’re supposed to rely on,

When they don’t help, you take matters into your own hands.

You don’t have time to wait around because if you do,

The torture will just get worse.

The chains will get tighter.

They will get so tight they will choke you out until you’re just a shell.

A hollow carcass to be carried off into the wind like a tumbleweed.

You are a tumbleweed.

That’s what you will become.

But not today,

No today, you are vulture.

Feeding off the pain of somebody who's dead inside,

Somebody who “comes from a broken home”

But we all know that’s bullshit.

We know this kid is just another privileged brat.

We know they have all they could ever want so they pick on others for fun,

Well not anymore.

You’ve stolen their most prized possession.

Power and control.

Without it they are nothing.

You are no better than they are.

That’s what they say,

Well guess what?

You are better than they are because you did nothing wrong!

You’ve taken the words that hit you like an iron fist and you’ve blocked the gender specific taunts,

But not



You are better than they are.

You, who have lived in fear and silence,

You, who has resisted the urge to fight back because it’s “frowned upon,”

You, who is powerful, funny and kind,


They brought this upon themselves.

They took your happiness so that they could have some.

They take it like it’s free money,

Because they are greedy ignorant fools who can’t appreciate emotions



You’ve made the right choice to rise against them.

If you get suspended, so be it.

If you get expelled, so be it.

Your parents are behind you.

They want you to be happy,

They need you to be happy because you are a part of them,

And they aren’t going to let some prepubescent scumbags destroy that little part,

Because you are infact HUGE not little.

You're the most important thing in their world,

You must believe that because it’s true.

So you have to protect yourself to protect them.

You have to stand up against those who pulverise your ego.

To bully a bully makes you no better than they are,

But here’s the thing.

You are better.



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