You and your "If's"

If happiness had a face

It would be yours

If love had a face

It would be the way I look at you


If fate were real

Would we be together?

If the stars aligned

Would they pair us?


If my heart could take it

Would you take me?

If I could love

Would I love you?


If the universe

Wanted could I be happy?

If happiness were in my cards

Would it have happened already?


If you’d actually liked me

Would you’ve had the courage to speak?

To tell me you loved me

And only me?


To ease my insecurities

And mend my heart

To fix me

To love me?


Or would you have been just like the other guys?
Who took my heart

And everything I had

And left me broken and alone


If the stars had allowed

Would you have been with me?

If I could see into the future

 Would you be there with me?


Would you be a memory?

A joy filled

Or topped with sorrow?

A hole in my heart


Most importantly

If you could love me

Would you?


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