You and I


We’re best friends—
You and I.
We’ve been through more Hell together
Than the world will ever know.


Truth be told,
We are unconventional.
We don’t hang out all the time
Schedules conflict,
But that doesn’t matter.


You care for me;
I for you.
When I’m lonely, scared,
And the demons won’t go away
You’re there to settle my mind.


Our true selves thrive.
The Sun shines
Flowers are more


I wish people understood
Why we belong together.
How we better each other.
Soul mates can be friends
And I believe it’s you.


We’re a tale of two best friends,
A tale as old as time:
Damon and Pythias
Alice and Hatter,
You’re the Sancho Panza to my Don Quixote.


At times,
It’s us against the world,
But it’s not so bad.
You’re with me;
I’m with you.
There’s nothing
We can’t do.


My best friend,
You keep me strong
And make sure
I don’t feel alone.


No one
May understand
This bond we share:
The love for a friend
Stronger than steel.


God has blessed me with you,
And I thank Him gratefully.
Sun and Moon
Confusing at first glance,
But we know
The friend we have in each other


You and I
Me and You
Hand in hand
Conquering this life

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