You and I

Can you feel me?

Wrapped up in your thoughts.

Exploring the horizone of your emotions. 

Caressing your soul.

Standing in painful awe of your beauty. 

I dance around your feet, singing your praise. 

I bear the weight of your tears when you are crushed with sorrow. 

I see you, both when you are shrouded in darkness and brighter than the sun. 

With each breath I take, I feel your heart beat.

I will love you the day after, just as I have the day before. 


I feel you, with every move that I make. 

We share a flame that burns endlessy through cold and dreary nights. 

We share a passion that could set the world ablaze. 

I see you through the lens that you use to gaze upon me. 

And because of this, I will carry your heart. 

No matter the weight or cost. 

Until the end of our days. 

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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