Weaving you into poetry

was as fluid as a stream,

the words flowing from my pen

onto paper stained with pigments of you

your figure, my composite muse.


I could write you hundreds of ways,

each version only another attempt

to make you tangible in your absence,

my arms reaching out to hold you

in the deepest chamber of my heart.


Bring me to your soul.

Like a dedicated repairman

I will service the parts of you

too fragile to be seen

by the naked eye.


With the most gentle of tools

I will burrow beneath your surface,

forming gold mines,

resurfacing with understanding.


For your brilliant light

will have swept me from the shadows,

beckoning to me with beaming eyes

and love-filled embrace,

welcoming me to a world with you.


Where with you I can do anything,

I will be the assistant to your dreams.

Anywhere you want to go,

anything you want to do,

my support,

my heart,

is yours.

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Amazingly done

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