Because I love you
I can't close my eyes and not see you
You're always there when I need you
You may think of this the way others may see it, but what I'm getting at is
Because I love you, whenever I get scared or upset,

I hear your voice inside my head.

Because I love you, I feel your hand in mine. You calm me with memories not many, I agree
but they are the happiest ones of you and me. Your eyes stare through me, seeing
everything that is going on. With that look you give me everything turns into
the definition of happiness in this life we share together.
I speak for our future and I speak for our past, because wherever you are is where
I wanna be.
And you know as well as I do that we were brought together for a reason.
Because I love you.


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This is such a wonderful, heartfelt poem. Experiencing love is an unexplicable feeling, but listing the ways you know you love this other person is a great way to express that feeling. I wish you luck on the scholarship!

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