A lot of missing
Life wouldn't be enough

If you were gone

Never here
Everything would be amiss
Existence would cease to be
Destroying the"Why I live...."

If you were gone
Stale would be "Our" home

How would I define "I"?
Underneath the missing "You"
Me, Myself, and I becomes a shell without "Your" view
Alone is all I'd be in a world without an"Us"
Nothing would be the same without "Your" sight, mind, and touch
If "I" could have anything, it would be a world where "We"
Thrive through life together, with "Our" strength in Unity
Your minds, your art, your music, your hearts, your life, and your smiles...

makes life worthwhile.

All I need............ is "You"



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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