Sun, 11/18/2012 - 20:43 -- dustyd8


United States
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You ask me as if you care what I say,
But in the end, I know you'll want it your way.
My thoughts and feelings mean nothing to you,
As society sees it, nothing important is true.
I starve, and I cry, but yet you walk by,
Unable to see that I'm dying inside.
Nothing I do ever seems enough
I can't fill the void; I'm a diamond in the rough.

My own body, I beat and I batter
So that to you I may finally matter.
The perfect picture, that's what you imagine,
The things that I do you can't even fathom.
To be the best, I take to my body
With tools of abuse to make me less gaudy,
For in the eyes of society, perfection is thin,
I work to become less in my own skin.


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