Staring forward into the meaningless sceneries.

My eyes dart side to side

            As if to comprehend all they see.

My hands caress what they grasp,

            Like a blind man learning face.

My whole body twitches, jerks, seizes

            Trying to find comfort, peace.

Numb I am to all these sensations,

            For my mind is darting, caressing, seizing.

I am unable to comprehend this feeling you inflict.

            It is neither familiarity nor fondness,

Nor harmony nor passion,

Nor lust nor love?

            Yet all have I felt with thee.

When I glimpse your face, or hear your voice

            A different feeling is invoked,

            Always distinct, always invigorating.

Yet when alone, I go mad.

            I am a boat within a storm without you.

            I fish for words to describe this sensation,

            But my lines are always empty

            Starving my comprehension.

No word exist to describe this feeling

            For it is all, yet no one.

This sensation is ‘You’

            Your imperfections and perfections,

            Your heart and soul,

            Your smile and tears,

Your mind and body.

You relax my mind, calming the storm within

Yet, you are the storm!


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