For: You

See, I am weak like the sand is weak with the sea

I am no rock to rest on during tumultuous fare

I will only let you drown

Being decent isn't something I'm aware of

I'm weak and I'm twisted like the darkened shadows

In your sidewalked path


My mother always told me not to look directly at the sun,

But I did anyway. I have bad vision now because of it, but that isn't the point,

because every time I note the sweep of your eyelashes and the blinding fire of your smile,

I'm reminded of her warning.

You are too bright and lovely to ever be healthy.


I told you this one day- tangled up in sheets warm from your sunshine.

Said, baby, you're like the light and I'm like the shadows


You smoothed your golden fingers across my skin, saying nothing for a long while

Before finally whispering in my ear

Maybe that's true

But you can't have one without the other


We bled into each other and made the sunset,

The brilliant shades of pinks and blues

Suspended in glowy light and Tuesday afternoons



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