You, only you, you are desire, you
Eyes so brown & deep like the Nile, you
Smile so bright you light up the sky, you
All I want is you
You are my flame that boils my soul to the flash point of ecstasy, that is you
You, just you, nothing else, you
For you, Timbuktu might as well be right around the corner like a bodega, cuz my heart, my love, my soul, my body will reach that far thricefold and back, for you, just you
Know it.
Ill show it like primetime ABC, for you
Let the whole world see, where ever we are 
Tha my every heartbeat pumps red bloodcells just so I can have another look at you,
Jut so I can feel another embrace from you,
Relish another kiss from those lips divine,from you
Cuz you are jus so prime
And without U,
I'm jus anotha brotha tryna bag a chic like, "Yo."


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