Your fingers trace against my skin

And send shivers down my spine

I press up close against you

Trying to tie your body to mine

Skin against skin, breath mingling

The sound of your heartbeat

Echoes in my chest

As I try to memorize the sound of you.

My lips meet yours with a passion

That turns into desperation

And finally, need

As I yearn for every piece of you to be mine

My mouth wanders, tasting every inch

While your fingers lead the way.

I melt into you, craving,

And you press into me

Soft murmurs cascade into more

And again and again

And there is nothing in the world

But your skin beneath mine

The sweet aroma of you

And the ecstasy in your eyes.

Though melded together with sweat

And overcome with the euphoria of each other

For a moment you stop

And gentle as a summer breeze

Your lips brush against my forehead

More than the intoxication of you inside me

Is the delirium of your love


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