With You


United States
34° 12' 49.5864" N, 88° 46' 7.0968" W

With you is where i desire to be,
day-to-day for eternity
Shielded in whole by your warm embrace,
not anything, nor any person can take your place

Perpetually inscribed within my heart,
with you is where merriment flourishes
An everlasting ecstasy, a sensual craving,
connecting in partnership fulfilling wild imaginations

With you, panic is nonexistent,
if anything goes wrong, you’re bound to fix it
Brawny and well built, firm and tough
there’s nothing quite comparable to your serene touch

Passion, eroticism, assurance, and virtue,
are all commodities that are necessary for our never-ending Love
With you is the only place my heart exists,
through sorrow and pain, the storm and the rain



-just me writing down whatever came to mind :)

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