The Y.O.L.O. Poem, Now With Gratitude

I can’t live without knowing one day I will die

Else how appreciate I all of Life’s splendor?

For there is, to no extent, is there a point to vie

If I know not the existence of my time’s offender.


To savor sweet flavor on a moonlit summer’s eve

Is by meaning absurd if I care not for its leave.

For while I could taste it with taste my buds have,

To relish is futile if I wear not life on my sleeve.


Life and persistence are but different cookie cutters,

And life has no life if life lives in the gutter.

Survival is short of soul and heart, but

Ignorance of my mortality means naught.


     True that is: short is the life I live.


If thoughts of doom doth not hide

From an imposed limit round reside

With my spirits shall I ever glide


Off the winds of impending end

To a place where joys not pend


Living life out of the lens

That I will never die, no whens. 

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