Ying to Yang

I stumble through the dark

On a trail unmarked

The rain pounds

But I hear no sound

Droplets drown me

No one’s found me

To save me from this fate


Rain soaks through the soul

Revealing only a fool

Left with no one around

Not enough to catch any eye

Not enough to stay alive


No matter the flavor

The water devours

All the salt has

The only taste that lasts

Are those of tears

And those of fears


In the rain I hear the black train

With the most heinous dove-whistles


I invite a ride on the black train

To take me out of this rain

Out of this place

Where I am but a plain plate

Broken among many


My muddy path

Slippery and slick slides

They loathed me Me and my horrific ticket

To where I should have been from the start


But wait

The path in front of me

Suddenly dry

The kind eye of the storm

Is on me Clouds part like soft lips

And reveal a radiating sun

A sun so beautiful

That no one like me deserves to see

But here I am

Standing in a patch of sunlight just for me


I stood basking in the beautifully lit sun

Soaking in its golden warmth

I absorbed every last bit of light someone was

Kind enough to give


The light gushed through my veins

Awakening my body

Making me feel warm for the first time in so, so long

And by the time my heart was over flowed

The black train had long since gone.


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