Yin Long

Any switch mimicked day,

allowing customers to watch the display.

A silent man waited for his cue

to bring the stage into view.


He could have fetched himself a drink

or found a tiny meal to eat.

But, these plays gave him time to think,

so he, Yin Zhu Long, remained in his seat.


In time, the show reaches its close

and the audience leaves their rows.

Mr. Long deactivates the lights

as the crowd departs into the night.


With customers gone, the theater empties.

Yin Long returns to his neighborhood by the river.

He arrives at the central-most house and inserts his keys.

Mr. Long then enters and spots his pet that slithers.


Checking the snake’s lamp, Yin Long whispers, “Night, Flare.”

Next, he crawls into his bed, allowing his body to repair.

Mr. Long exhales a warm summer’s breeze and shuts his eyes.

He relaxes his limbs and mind since he would not sleep otherwise.


Flare prepositions itself to watch Yin Long sleep.

It knew Mr. Long would repeat his cycle, again:

Feed Flare twice a week, eat twice a day, work, sleep, and repeat.

Yin Zhu Long works with light, taking after the Torch Dragon.

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