Yin and Yang

Somewhere in the most wretched alley
of a ghetto,
wildflowers bloom
in defiant splendor
their showy colors and beauty
a match to any well- kept garden.
And I am sure butterflies
have landed at some time or another-
on grounds both hallowed and cursed,
in tranquil parks and killing fields,
church yards and prison yards,
on monuments and gallows...
While to those thirsty for it,
wine tastes just as sweet
whether sipped from a crystal goblet
or drunk lustily straight from a bottle
passed around.
Somewhere a baby cries
in a broken down tenement
another in a luxurious mansion,
one mother looks to the future with fear
the other with anticipation.
Overhead, day by day,
the very same sun
rises and sets
the ugly and the beautiful

This poem is about: 
Our world


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