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I am David

Standing before a blood-thirsty giant

Doubts swimming in my mind

With only a stone to strike

Yet the giant falls before me.

I am Joseph

Special since birth

Betrayed and sold by my own brethren

Forced to drink the life of prison

Yet I am adored by my people,

Second in command.

I am Jonah

Hard-working isn’t enough

Back-bending isn’t enough

Sweat-dripping isn’t enough

Swallowed by my afflictions

Swallowed by a colossal whale

Yet I am still breathing.

I am Esther

Taken from my home out of pride

Stripped of my freedom

Stripped of my clothes

I am ever so fearful

Yet the King listened to only me.

I am Daniel

Casted into the Lion’s Den

Darkness on all sides

Booming Growls echoing my ears

Yet the lion’s never touched me.

I am Moses

The most powerful army behind me

The most powerful, raging sea in front of me

Nowhere to run, nowhere to escape

Yet the sea parted for me.

I am Joshua

A 17 foot high, 5 foot thick pure stone wall

Penetrates my vision

A sinful Christian

Yet the wall crumbled down for me.

I am Allyson

A giant before me

A wall surrounding me

In a prison-like world

Where hard work isn’t enough

And no one listens to me.

Yet I am alive,

Building, boasting in his grace

Flawless in my flaws, Perfect in my mistakes.

Yes, I am David and Joseph

I am Jonah, Daniel, and Esther

Moses and Joshua,

But most importantly,

I am Allyson.


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