Yesterday's Circus

One day, words will willfully transform into action
A set of syllables will slip from tongue to reaction
One day, speech and rhetoric will become living, moving, breathing
Verbal expression exceeding to external, significant being
And today is that day

One day, my black and white world will fully wane away
Until living color is both inwardly and outwardly arranged
Our lives, a soaked painting, absorbing, bleeding, dripping hues
That spill over the lines, for we live in liberty! (and conformity, we lose)
Today is that day

The day when the Spirit-cloud rains down, down
Drenching, filling, flooding, in abundance He is found
In empty hands and empty souls; on parched lands and filthy, useless tools
And these fields will be new once again
Our year of Jubilee

These cold, darkened streets with blackened silhouettes
Filled with wandering ghosts and dimly lit cigarettes
A shadow world-reality with little light or warmth
Will stumble from fearful night and step boldly forth

These streets, a repulsive reflection of a sickly circus
Superficial spotlights on clustering gangs of careening clowns
Counting their money behind a stage of tricks and dramatics
Children—controlled animals—have lost innocent smiles to costly frowns

Babies riding elephants, following the drive to power
Flaming hoops stacked, like a Babbel-nonesense tower
Acrobats freefalling without the faithfulness of a partner
Tightrope walkers tiptoe on the ground so they "make it" farther

These circus-streets, filled with desperate foolery
Will step from the shadows and reality will be seen

In that day, fools will recognize true beauty and remove prostitute-makeup
Street clowns will stop fighting and wipe blood from their eyes
Exhausted set-up crews will stop sleeping and wake up
Begging freaks will find their worth; hunger will be no demise

The circus tent will come crashing down to the ground
Artificial colors, cages of “bars,” and costumes will lie uselessly around
And finally, out of the dust will arise fiery, impassioned priests,
Genuinely serving the revered One with self-sacrifice and joyous feasts
…Today is that day


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