Yesterday Today

​​Yesterday Today

I am remembering Emmett Till, I can't forget about him

Today we're reliving what happened so long ago

We are losing so many souls

Evil exist we need to learn how to acknowledge this

Why are we experiencing 1955 over again and then again

My soul aches, and my heart feels so much pain

Why do so many human beings fail to understand

The murder of innocent souls is pushing this world towards the end of the road

Are you telling me we have to sit here and let that demon in the white house

Kill us all?

You washed your hands to this genocide because you ignored the people cries.

Who is by our side who won't let us die who will stop these lies

People in this world needed this time to be at home

Our mind and body was in need quiet time

For so many years we have been working like slaves everyday

Its all about the money when you tell the people to return to work

We are dying we are hurt

We need every day to mourn because of all ignorance going on

On earth battlefields too many storms because we keep letting the same things

Keep going on and on Stand strong my brothers and sisters

Protest in peace No justice No sleep

TM O For Real Animation Nation LLC

lyrics by Ocean C Poet



This poem is about: 
Our world


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