Today is different than yesterday.


As the swarms surround me,

A hole consumes my heart,

For she is gone,

And she is only yesterday.


Moments with my friend were gone,

Only remembered in yesterdays,

While I live today.

For she stopped growing up,

And I realized how grown I became.


All I yearn for is yesterday.

For yesterday never knew what todays fate brings,

The real world is today, real issues, real pain,

All the things yesterday never told.


Yesterday reminds us of the I” wish I had known”s.

Today is harder than that yesterday. 

Each tomorrow is further away than yesterday.

The yesterday that changed me so much.

The yesterday that showed me that I am grown up.


But in the end of it all, despite who I become,

I will always miss her, 

My best friend,

And the yesterday she became.

-To my best friend

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