She runs out of the room.

Tears running down her cheeks.

She gasps for air, struggling to breathe.

Her face as white as a ghost.

The image burned into her mind.

His face was all she could see.

The face she tried so hard to forget.

The person she tried to forget was now in front of her.

Her heart races as she tries to get away.

He's everywhere she turns.

There was no escaping him.

No matter where she went in the room he seemed to follow.

She tries all she can to not look at him.

To not let him see how much he has hurt her.

How that night took a great toll on her life.

Everyone surrounds her.

She's not alone.

But she feels as though they are the only two people in the room.

She wants to scream and yell at him.

For using and taking advantage of her.

Making her feel as though she was worthless.

Taking what shred of innocence she had left.

For leaving her with such a heavy burden to carry.

Along with the baggage she now has to carry as well.

He knew that she loved him.

He knew how much she cared.

He took that knowledge and used it to benefit himself.

He asked the most unspeakable of her.

He wouldn't take no for an answer.

No matter how many times she said it.

He begged and whined.

She had finally had enough.

She said the one word that destroyed her life.


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